Tattoo Needles

We mainly selling Tattoo Needles Round Liner Needles etc. And we are very competitive in the current market, the quality of our Tattoo Needles leading the country. The most important thing is that we base on client profit.

Tattoo Needles Description

Most tattoo needles are made of some grade of stainless steel. Surgical stainless steel

is very common in tattooing needles. There are four main types of needle groupings. Some have one

specific use and others can vary depending on how the artist is using it. Tattoo Needles that we carry

are pre-sterilized in individual blister packs. We carry tattoo round liner needles (tight), tattoo round

shader needles (loose), and tattoo curved magnum needles. Our professional tattoo needles are used

by professional tattoo artists around the world and are highly recommended. Below is a general

explanation of the needle categories and how you can use different types of needles.